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One of the best comedy tracks in recent memory. Not just the joke, but also the dismantling of people who come to comedy shows to heckle, groan, not have a good time, etc. All comics should listen to this and so should all horrible audience members.

This song is so good. So smooth. For fans of the golden age of hip hop and for people looking for new rap artists who aren’t rapping about stupid shit.

Turn off the radio. Turn off MTV. Follow me on Spotify. I will show you the light and together we will save the world.

Here’s the playlist I made for the Keith Moore tribute show last night. Only a few songs were actually heard at the show, but here are the rest. Not for fans of stuff that is not loud and doesn’t rock.

One of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. The clincher is when they sing, “El-vis Navidad, Priscilla ano y felicidad”.

If you’re bummed out about the local election results, just listen to this song by @PIMPBOT and you’ll feel a lot better. I promise. #HiVote

For all you parents out there, this is a pretty cool album to listen to with your young ones on a lazy Sunday. In other words, kid music that you can tolerate.

This track is for all the people who ask me how much the comedy shows I perform at are, or if they are 18+ or 21+, etc. ;)