Drowning In My Id

I don't want to kill time anymore, until you agree to be my accomplice.
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Channeling Freddy Mercury for the sake of @awkwardscience @awkward808 (at Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits)

There’s just some things you never forget
Those things that you know will stick with you forever
Those things that come from those people you’ll never forget
And fret not, because I haven’t forgotten a thing
I remember the way you taste, smell and feel 
I remember the way your lips feel against mine
I remember the way your tongue dances with mine
The sounds you make when I kiss you deeply 
The way you look at me when I’m pleasing you
I remember every curve of your body
The way it feels when my hands trace each lovely inch
And that’s why I know exactly what I’m going to do when I see you again
I know exactly how I’m going to kiss you
I know exactly how I’m going to touch you
I know exactly how it’s going to feel
But I know it will feel even better than I remember
I’m just happy to finally know without a shred of doubt
That I will get to see you, touch you, taste you and smell you again
And hopefully I’ll leave with some new memories

I searched for a star 
But the clouds owned the night
There was nothing there to wish on
So I scribbled something bright 

I called out to someone for answers
But no one was there
I grabbed a pen and wrote this down
To try and clear the air 

I got down to one knee 
And started to pray for hope
But I lost faith in my lack of it
And went out for a smoke 

I tried to exhale my feelings
But there’s just too much inside
And I’ve never been one to run from them
And really, I’ve got nothing to hide

It’s early enough to not be too crushed
But I truly saw something there
I’m not quite ready to say goodbye 
But sometimes life’s just not fair 

Maybe you’ll remember what you saw in me
And press play on this thing again
It’s going to be so quiet without you calling me
But I know that someday you’ll touch my dial again

Really, I just want to see you again
But I guess now I’ll just have to wait
Would seem like such a waste to see this end
You know where I am, there’s no such thing as “too late”

These are the things I see in my dreams
Although it can be quite a distracting thing
I turn thoughts into words and sing
No matter how harsh reality seems
These are the things I do when I’m sleepy
When all the normal people are starting their day
I’m winding down in my own weird way
I know I’m different, maybe that’s why they keep me

I lie about the dumbest things sometimes. Like sometimes, when I go out, I say I’m going “to a meeting”, but really, I’m just hanging out in a random parking lot somewhere, smoking Pall Mall cigarettes, listening to a podcast, and thinking about my life, my future, my girl. And sometimes I’m also drinking a blue agave Full Throttle, or eating some 7 layer dip Combos. But always, I’m smoking cigarettes and listening and thinking. I lie about the dumbest things sometimes. But it’s only because I just don’t think they’d understand.

I’m watching Team America: World Police

“”You gave up on life, didn’t ya!?””

Check-in to Team America: World Police on tvtag

If there’s one place I always go to for top of the line smoked sausage, it’s the trunk of a 1989 Buick Skylark. (at Big Island Pizza Napoletana)

Professor Sparkles’ Top 50 Films of 2013

I meant to make this a proper post, but didn’t end up having the time, so without further ado, I present my 50 favorite films of 2013, without further comment.

50. The Last Stand
49. Stand Up Guys
48. The Place Beyond the Pines
47. Fast & Furious 6 
46. The Hangover Part III
45. You’re Next
44. The Heat
43. The Great Gatsby
42. World War Z
41. Spring Breakers
40. The Conjuring
39. Star Trek: Into…

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Break between shooting scenes for #DementedInParadise. #AwkAwk #LetsWrassle (at KHNL/KFIVE Media Center)